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Exterior shot of swimming pool at one of the various Vision Communities.

VISION is a developer and builder specializing in creating and managing premiere multifamily-living communities. Located in Columbus, Ohio, we have a wisdom and knowledge hard-earned over three decades of real-world problem-solving.

We collaborate closely with local communities and stakeholders to best meet pressing housing needs, with a design philosophy that balances  environmentally-conscious development with an impeccable aesthetic.

Our data-driven approach combines market research, demographic intelligence and community needs to create unique solutions that integrate health, wellness and livability into an experience that exceeds consumers’ expectations.

Vision has an ownership mentality and long-term perspective when developing communities. Working alongside cities, planning & zoning departments, associations and vested constituents, we strive to provide an integrated solution that meets the needs of the surrounding community both today—and for generations to come.

Vision logo V in black.

Been THere,
Built That

Exterior shot of hotel complex completed by Vision Properties.


Exterior shot of mixed-use building completed by Vision Properties.

Mixed Use

Exterior shot of multi-family community completed by Vision Properties.


Exterior shot of one-story condo completed by Vision Properties.


Exterior shot of mid-rise building completed by Vision Properties.


Exterior shot of industrial building with colorful mural completed by Vision Properties.


In the beginning, VISION was opportunistic in our development projects. To put it another way: we never met a project we didn’t like.

From condos to midrise, from urban in-fill to sprawling multifamily communities, we have acquired a wide range of abilities and knowledge in bringing even the most challenging project to successful completion. 

Today, we bring all of that experience to bear in our focus to perfect multi-family community living.

It takes a village to build one

Every multifamily development project is a balancing act, an artful, skillful blend of creating something new within an existing community. At VISION, we excel at creating alignment amongst stakeholders to deliver value


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